Running Trails, Eating Plants, and Sharing What I Pick up Along the Way

Running Trails, Eating Plants, and Sharing What I Pick up Along the Way

Monday, August 11, 2014

001 Dream Awake

As a season of my life draws to a close, I'm finding myself reflecting over the past year or so since I've been back in Salem. What have I done? Have I made a difference? How have a I grown? Why did I do these things? What do I want to keep and what do I want to throw away going forward?

This last question is both literal and figurative. I just turned twenty-four this past weekend, and only in the last year or so have I started pursuing a lifestyle that I want to live rather than conform to that around me. I now ride my bike far more often that I drive my car. I'm eating a vegan diet. I'm living very minimalistic. I am dedicating myself to my running and training for a specific race with a specific goal. All of these things have been attractive to me, but I was living my life half-way rather than diving in and making my story my own. I'm throwing away meaningless habits and adopting new ones.

I was never okay with being the odd one in a crowd, but now I am. I think part of this stems from being the kid who was fortunate enough to go to private school, but not coming from a background that "fit in" with my classmates. I put on a show. Sure, there were elements of me in there, but I wanted to show that I belonged to this seemingly exclusive club, and being myself didn't gain interest.

All this to say, that I've always envied those who blog and had a network of like-minded people to share ideas with. I want in. I'm not the strongest writer, and I'll be making myself pretty vulnerable here, but I'm pursuing another activity that I've always secretly wanted to do.

The aim of this is to share thoughts and ideas mainly about living an active lifestyle. More specifically, I'll probably write about running and eating a plant-based diet quite a bit to begin with, but I don't want to limit myself to just these topics. As this blog grows, I'm sure my ideas will too, and my posts will follow suit.


  1. You were never the odd one in the crowd, you were the special one, and you still are. Running with a different beat isn't odd, it's special......

  2. Happy to see you're doing what you love. I never felt like I belonged much either, drove me nuts trying to fit in with everyone. Still struggle with it too, so I've pretty much given up. As long as my wife and daughters love me, I'm great. I've recently taken up running, and ride my bike more than I drive too. I only drive on the weekends when we have to go somewhere, and have been eating healthier and trying to get back into better shape. Not quite where I used to be, but I feel better already. I'll be a regular on here buddy :) I still don't like running though. I'd much rather ride a bike :D